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Lucas Services Inc. can assist you with all of your land management activities. If you have purchased a hunting farm or woodland, we can provide wildlife and forest management services along with networking with other contractors and agencies to formulate a plan to reach your immediate and long term goals. Establishing food plots, shooting lanes, bedding areas and other projects relating to the recreational use of your tract is our primary purpose.

If you are in the market to sell your property, we can provide services for staging the property for a quicker sale. Allowing access and improving the roadside appeal is a couple of services we provide. If you live out of town, we can also maintain the property throughout the year making sure it is always ready to show for the real estate agents and their clients.
Rehab of driveways, roads and yards after logging or construction operations is another
service that LSI can assist you with.



Lucas Services Inc. is a landscape contractor providing a wide variety of services. Including tree planting, lawn and pasture seeding, bush hogging and more.


Custom Food Plot designs to help landowners increase the enjoyment of their property by providing a full range of management strategies and techniques.


We provide wildlife habitat services including prescribed burning, duck impoundments, herbicide application, disking, wildlife tree planting and native warm season grass establishment.

Lucas Services Inc. was established in 2008 as Dean was nearing the end of a 30 year career with the NC Forest Service. During this time he worked with landowners assisting them with various natural resource management activities including forest management, timber stand improvement, wildlife stewardship plans, prescribed burning, and all types of site preparation and tree planting.

Since establishing Lucas Services Inc, Dean has become active in the Quality Deer Management Association attending and completing the Deer Steward I and II courses along with other training modules that have been offered.


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